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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

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Sometimes the noise of life just gets too much. Too many thoughts, ideas and opinions running through our minds, out of our mouths that we can't hear ourselves, we can't hear that still small voice that is too kind and respectful to interrupt. So many decisions to make, so much responsibility that if we're not careful we may forget to breathe. Then there is our fears and doubts that charge us with anxiousness and confusion that in this state there is no way that any choice, decision could be trusted. We want to control everything, we need it all it fall in perfect order, but that his not real life. Our control is limited and the dynamics of time and the complexity of a world comprised of billions of people with varying talents and gifts causes order to shift at a moment's notice. The wind blows, an appointment needs to be kept and someone needs you all at once and the noise is too much. Motion one foot in front of the other, straight, turning the corner, slow, fast, it's too much. Stop.

My heart is racing and my thoughts are not clear. I want to see and I need to hear so I must be still, be quiet. Time alone, with no agenda. Some music in the background, an entertaining movie I’ve seen 20 times, my living room couch with no one, no sound. Still and quiet, I choose not to speak. I want to be clear; I need the volume turned down. Doubts and fears need to know their place so that truth can be revealed and take the lead once again.

Life waits for no one, but sometimes its only in the stillness of waiting that we find peace and clarity, the wisdom to continue.

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