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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

It is an awesome gift to finally see yourself, to finally understand your truth, your true design and purpose. Before the world was created, there was a thought that was me in the mind of God. It was a complete thought filled with movement and finality that summons His applause.

Like many I lived most of my life wondering, questioning, and challenging my existence. Struggling every day to find meaning and joy in the hours, mornings and the quiet night. But I am so glad that I paused long enough to listen. That my heart knew there was more and I was curious enough to challenge my status quo. Hearing wasn’t easy but the time was appointed and perfectly planned.

I’ve heard the question asked so many times, so many ways…”What’s Your Purpose?” And I think it is the most difficult question to answer. We are impressed to say all of the right words, come up with something eloquent and profound. It was on a plane travelling home from Montreal that the words came to me. My purpose is to LOVE. Everything I do, am and strive for must embody this word. To be honest, it makes perfect sense, it’s really who I am, I just never thought of it in the sense of defining my purpose, calling, My Truth. I approach my life and objects of my life with love. I love expressions of love, things that represent and demonstrate love. I love romantic love, so the products of my life are overshadowed with a bit of romance always.

To understand and accept your truth is to respond in Faith to God’s finished thought of us that may not look like our currently reality and know that everything He does is perfect and designed to serve Him and the world He created.

I am a woman in love with Love, its beauty, strength, power and purity. I am in love with its giver, its aroma and its sacrifice.

I have a mark I’m running towards that I measure this and that to. What fits stays and what doesn’t bye, bye. Every night I will close my eyes and say to myself, I can’t wait for what awaits me when the sun rises again…Oh What Love.

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