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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

I was talking to a friend of mine today and she sparked some thoughts from our conversation.

I’ve heard the saying that our biggest critic is ourselves and it is so true. I find that today you will find so much going on, everyone is doing something, stretching themselves, being creating, putting that side hustle to work; and I really think it’s awesome. I also find that its so easy for us to start comparing ourselves and struggling with the question, “so what am I doing”, “why haven’t I started that project”, “why is it taking so long to get started” and “what’s my thing”? I’m sure I’ve said this to myself, but as heard those words today and it made my heart sad.

My encouragement to this beautiful soul was to take your eyes off of everyone else and listen to the instructions being whispered to your heart. Remind yourself of what you’ve been called here to serve in this earth and stay there. Don’t get distracted, don’t start changing the plan to look like someone else or what seems popular, your purpose is unique and it is for you and IT’S GOOD.

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